Sunday, March 30, 2014


Wow. I blink and a week goes by...or maybe two. 
I have not had the time or energy to blog and I am okay with that. Hope you are too. 
First, thank you all for the sweet comments and prayers for J's boards. Two very intense and very long days for my guy. Hopefully, he is done for good. They don't find out if they passed Part One until May. Womp, womp. But we have faith that he passed and can move on to the next step towards optometry school graduation (we are almost to the one-year countdown!).
Second, life has been great. I'm busy as ever at my internship, but loving every minute. Okay---almost every minute. Some minutes are rough. However, despite rough moments I am so grateful to have placed at this site and to have had these opportunities. I still have five short weeks with my clients and I am totally okay with time slowing down just a bit. Graduation will be here before we know it.
Third, here are some photos that have been hanging out on my phone.
[i love this dress. perfect fit. $7]

[these two...]

[can you tell what my favorite colors are? ha!]

[spring colors starting to come out]

 [Allyson sent me this awesome mug. The bones appear when it gets hot]
[got a haircut. bad bangs. and no make-up. why am I sharing this?]

[somehow ended up with a 2nd birthday reward! thanks SB]

[another "spring" outfit of the week]

hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
enjoy your Monday!


  1. Weeks are racing by at the moment, don't they? I wonder where the past 3 months have went!
    So happy for you that J can relax now and that you're enjoying your internship so much. I love all your spring outfits and you look beautiful without make-up! :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I like the bangs!! I've always been a bangs fan. Which this post reminded me that I need a bangs trim haha.

    Crossing my fingers for J's exam grades! :-)

    xoxo A

  3. Love the outfits!! So excited spring is finally starting to come around, although the weather forecast for next week is the mid 50's. Praying that will change lol.

  4. Your bangs look so good! I just did the opposite and got rid of mine awhile back. Haha. Love your outfits too. :)


Thanks for the love!