Friday, April 18, 2014

new perspective.

Our church has been doing a 30 day challenge. We are reading the New Testament in 30 days and we started about a month ago so that we could be finished by Easter. A year ago, I read through the entire Bible as my New Year's resolution. It was an eye opening experience and it really marked a change in my spiritual relationship with God. Reading through the New Testament again has been different than it was last time. I think it is because our perspective changes and the Bible is always relative to our life.

Just in time for this challenge I received a Holman's Christian Study Bible for Women to review. It is an absolutely gorgeous Bible and all the extra background information has really added to my reading experience. I love understanding things in context.

B&H publishing is incredibly generous and offers some of their Bibles to bloggers for review. Just go here. I adore my other NIV Bible that was gifted to me as a graduation gift from J's parents (with my new soon-to-be married name) and it is marked up and covered in notes -- making it completely mine. Initially I thought "I don't need a new Bible", but what I have come to realize is that sometimes a new Bible is the perfect motivation to take a look at God's word in a new light. 

Happy Easter lovely friends. 
May God's peace and grace renew your spirit this weekend.


  1. What a beautiful Bible! It looks so neat, I also love having extra information, though I don't have a study Bible yet. Thanks for sharing, friend-- Happy Easter!!

  2. Nice hearing from you. Still i have not read the bible completely. I too have taken this resolution but a period of time i am not able to follow it.As you said we can find many changes in life with our spiritual life.


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